Amsquare Aquarobics Is Here To Serve You Water As It Should Be.

Our company AMSQUARE AQUAROBICS was registered under the Indian Government as a private endeavor on 24/09/2018 at Ezhilode in Kannur district, Kerala. It was founded by four Mechanical Engineering graduates named Ananthu RL, Midhun Madhav TK, Ahal Aneesh and Midhun Krishnan AV, a group of highly motivated individuals who want nothing more than to utilize their knowledge of engineering principles and their skillset to contribute to society to make a difference. Their goal is to put learning before earning and provide opportunities for fresher to learn and involve themselves in everyday innovations.

Patended Idea

Cost Efficient Process

Won Innovation Award

First Of Its Kind

Why Choose Us

Purest Water

Our technology enables you to have the cleanest water possible at your disposal.

Patended Idea

Innovative Technology Based Portable version of Atmospheric Water Generating Machine.

Low Prices

Our products are designed to be affordable to every household or business.

First Of Its Kind

First water technology on vehicles.


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Our Team

Its Better To Have A Great Team Than A Team Of Greats

Midhun Madhav

Chief Operating Officer

Ananthu RL

Chief Product Officer

Ahal Aneesh

Chief Technical Officer

Midhun Krishnan

Chief Sales Officer