All the life came from water almost 500 million years ago. Our pale blue dot is 71 percent water and almost 97 percent of it is contained as oceans. There is water (as humidity) in the air around us, in the earth and even in human beings and animals. But not all water is created equal. There is good, clear water and there is contaminated, toxic water. On the outside they look the same. But if you ingest contaminated water it could result in lethal consequences

At AMSQUARE AQUAROBICS we use modern technology, like our EVE 50, to ensure the water you get is absolutely pure, as it should be.

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Clean drinking water is scarce and there are millions of people across this globe who spend their entire day searching for it. Yet, people who have access to safe, clean drinking water take it for granted and don’t use it wisely.


Educate to change consumption and lifestyles. Develop and enact better policies and regulations. Invent and adapt new technologies to regenerate pure water from our mother earth economically and efficiently.

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Drinking water – the indispensable part of human life is depleting day by day and is becoming a luxury for common man. According to recent journals the next world war will be fought over this precious commodity. Also known as potable water, it is water that is safe to drink or to use for food preparation, without risk of health problems. Decades ago, nobody ever imagined that one day we will be paying for the life giving water which was pretty much available to the majority of the population. But now we are facing that harsh reality. If the situation goes like this, in the near future we will be compelled to find alternative solutions for the potable water.

We know that the atmospheric air contains vapor which is the purest form of water. It's a wonder that a technology to utilize this source of water in a cost effective way is something nobody looked at. With this work, we are trying to find a solution to this problem by developing an innovative machine to produce the potable water from the atmosphere

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Although water is the most abundant resource on the planet, only 3% is fresh water, of which just 1% is available for drinking. This means 1% of drinking water for a world population of 7.4 billion (as at December 2016); where 663 million people have no access to drinking water and it is estimated that the global demand for water will increase by 50% by 2030.

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