Our Products

Pure water generators specifically designed for Residential and Vehicular uses coming on your way. Await Us...!

Our first of, hopefully many more products in the future, is the EVE 50 Atmospheric Water Generator. The EVE 50 is a highly energy efficient and practical means of providing drinking water to area where clean water is scarce. We are looking forward to going into large scale production of EVE 50 very soon.in addition to the AWG we also provide all kinds of water filters and filtering service at a very reasonable rate.


Born Out Of Innovation, Crafted With Style.


Eva50 can collect 15-20L of safe water per day and requires very low driving current.

Compact design

Easy and convenient to transport, handle and install at any place. Stylish design.


Being modular gives EVA the freedom to scale up to any level.

Low Prices

Eva comes at a very reasonable price which will be the lowest of the market.

Leveraging Technology For A Better Tomorrow.